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Learning how to invest set me free to travel the world and spend my time the way I choose. Now I will share with you the exact investment strategies that made millions for me and my clients — so you can buy back your time and live the lifestyle of your dreams.


I'm a college dropout turned champion bodybuilder turned entrepreneur. After creating a global nutrition business, I wanted to help others set their lives free. Harnessing AJ's financial genius with my business know-how gave us The Wealthy Backpacker. Come join us!

The Personal Wealth Empowerment System

Working for money? Make money work for you!

Hedge fund owner AJ Harvey shares his proven system for building wealth worldwide in THREE powerful monthly bulletins:

  • Safe & Secure Investments
  • The Monthly Income Maximizer
  • Fast Track Fortunes

Safe & Secure Investments

Safe & Secure Investments focuses on ways to make consistent returns by investing in stocks trading below their intrinsic value, with a potential catalyst on the horizon.

The best returns come from investing in solid companies that follow sound business practices, grow their earnings at double-digit rates and are capital efficient.

Almost every successful investor in the world follows these principles to preserve and grow wealth over time.

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The Monthly Income Maximizer

Looking for cash flow? This unmissable bulletin focuses on ways to increase your income through dividend stocks, corporate bonds, REITs and MLPs, along with investing in business development companies that produce tangible monthly income

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Fast Track Fortunes

Discover the closely guarded secrets of the global financial elite, and put your wealth building system on the fast track.

In this monthly bulletin, AJ reveals exactly how to trade low-risk option strategies for massive gain in record time — without being glued to the screen like a stressed-out day-trader!

How big is your dream gap? Close it now!

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Here's your step-by-step guide to freedom, fun and financial mobility


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Here's your step-by-step guide to freedom, fun and financial mobility